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An Ebook: Little Known Lessons from My Dating Life

An Ebook: Little Known Lessons from My Dating Life


I was drinking wine with Michaela at the Tap Room, Cape Town- this is where most of my best ideas begin: two friends, a balmy afternoon and a wine lazy buzz. “You should write your dating stories down,” she said, “I’d read them.”
“Hmmm, I should, I mean maybe...” I replied. 
A year went by.

Then I decided to play a game with love. I made an agreement, I sat her down and I said:

“I will date what comes my way. I will cry the tears, I will sit in the coffee shops and I will send the messages. But, I am going to share the lessons I learn with the world and the stories I earn.”

And so it all started. I imagined I was on the set of “Days of Our Lives”. I imagined I was a contester in “The Bachelor”. I was brutal. I went on dates, lots of dates. I found stories, some were good and some were bad. Some were sad. There was much to tell. I started sharing them on my blog. I was nervous - how would people respond?

Was I crazy, or liberal?

I wrote my first article on dating in Cape Town and it went well. Then I wrote about “throwing a carrot”, (giving a boy something to work with) - people liked it. Writing the stories was fun. It was free therapy. It helped me deal with the often unkind realities of love and life with humour and perspective. 

Fast forward a year of blogging and I put together my first EBook. This book tells a few of the dating lessons I’ve gathered on the way- there are many more. I hope you like them. I hope you learn from the lessons hidden in their charm. Mostly, I hope they inspire you to write your own. 

Just in case you need some encouragement to download this, here's Eden's testimonial. Thanks babe, love ya. 

Eden's Testimonial:

"From the time that Fran wrote a post about model’s only dating models (specifically in Cape Town, and more generally in the world) we had a connection. She just didn’t know it yet.

Later, we started working together, writing together, and unknowingly set up a Valentines Lunch date together. We spoke, ate, drank coffee and afterwards, I endorsed her book in a social media post even though I didn’t know that she had written it. Now, I can endorse it for real.  

“Little Known Lessons From My Dating Life,” is fun, honest, relatable and a mirror into my single soul.

Read it and don’t weep.

This book is the solution if you’re tired of weepy posts and books about ‘singledom.’ Don't despair because if you’re tired of the 'all men are trash,’ ‘I’ll live recklessly' and the ‘I’ll passively wait here for the one’ philosophies then it’s also for you.

She’s found her balance and she shared it with us. It’s refreshing.

- Eden Myrrh

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You don’t need to share my faith to be my friend

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