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Losing the passport to my destiny

Losing the passport to my destiny


2012 eager, full of the joy of the Lord and new Christian zeal, I signed up for Hillsong Leadership College. I was raring; I couldn’t keep still; I was Tigger on red juice on a trampoline. I was about to become a Christian superstar. Kiddin, that wasn’t my motivation, I was after the tools to change the world. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was premature.


1 week before I was due to firmly grasp my destiny and skip down my yellow brick road to the sound of "Shout to the Lord" echoing by a choir in the background, I lost my passport. Ah huh, the document to my destiny, was gone. Drama. Trauma. Tears. Distress. This called for Johnny Bravo kinda bravery. My parent’s Bible study group came to the table- they made tea, prayed and commanded the passport to appear. It wasn’t interested. My passport was jamming up a storm in some dark corner.

It was time for an emergency plan. I had to apply for a new passport, and quick! 8am my father and I took a trip to Home Affairs to scale this obstacle to my destiny. Now, if you have never encountered South African home office, be warned, one trip will test the patience of Florence Nightingale, Ghandi, and all the Saints. Those who entered did not return sane- Home Affairs have a special ability to loose documents (I can’t really point fingers. But to be fair, documents are their job).

We waited. 1 hour passed, then another. We got sent to a new queue, grumbled, and mentally planned our immigratation. Many painful hours later we were given this message:

“Madam, we can’t help you. Your fingerprints are not on the system.”
“Sorry? What? NOT on the system? Can we take them now? How long will this take?”
“1 month.”

1 month? I had 1 week. This was bad news. The bible study group started fasting. I cried. My destiny had dissapated into nothing. There was NO HOPE. None. Then my mother had a revelation, “let’s call and check with another office”. What was told to you at home office had as much to do with facts and procedure as tigers have to do with trampolines.

We called to double check, “Yes Madam, her fingerprints are on the system.”

Hallelujah, I may live my destiny out after all! We applied for an emergency passport. Got it and couriered it overnight to Pretoria. My Australian student visa was re-issued and, swooping in like the queen on a private jet plane, it arrived the day before I embarked on my great adventure. Whew!

Then... I found my old passport under my bed.

Anyway, it didn’t matter, I was off to live out my destiny.
Life was free from lost documents and grimy offices (until I got stranded in Honk Kong, but I’ll leave that story for next time) and I was going to change the world.

The morals of the story:

1. Always put your passport in a safe place. Pay attention when you take it out of that safe place to put it in a not so safe place. Day dreaming while holding passport is not encouraged.
2. Being a responsible adult and doing great things are more difficult and complicated than you expect.
3. If you want to become rich invent a digital passport. Donate 90 percent of profits to me.
4. Don’t listen to everything people behind a desk (or on a blog) tell you.
5. Don’t underestimate the prayers of parents, or bible studies in times of need.
6. Don’t always go for the first option that is presented to you.
7. God can get you out of even the stickest of situations, but sticky mess situations aren't nice.
8. When in doubt cry.
9. When exceptionally doubtful, pretend you are a bible character, pray, cry and fast. 10. Last but not least- always, always look under the bed.

Pic Credit: Inlite Studio

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