Church Dating Culture; Ugh.

Anyone who has read much of my writing knows I'm a big advocate for the church, living a life of faith and purpose... but not a big fan of the church's teachings on relationships.

But, I don't have all the answers. I want to challenge you to the question: What do YOU think?

Add your voice Homie. Let's see what the great big world and everyone else has to say.



Culture shapes the songs we sing, the words we say and the steps we dance. It changes the way our brain thinks about things. It's powerful and it can be used for good...or bad.


WE should challenge CULTURE

Culture has a huge effect on our lives. It's important to consider the cultures we are in: our family, work, friend circles and church. Are they healthy?


We can change culture

It's OK to disagree, with respect, with aspects of the cultures you are a part of. Your opinion is your own and you are allowed it. Think about all the angles and decide for yourself.