The Simple (But Sassy) Writing Course

It's Simple. It's Sassy. It's free!
Can I let you in on a secret?  Good writers aren't born, they are made. Anyone can learn to write well and all you need is right here in the course.  

The Simple (But Sassy) Writing Course covers 6 writing lessons:

Deliberate Practice / Your Voice / Description / Structure / Editing / The Muse and the Critic

It's easy to read and a lot of fun (Beyonce Gifs, stories of when I was in a fight and more).  

I hope you like it. You don't have to be any special kind of writer to give it a shot. Whoever you are, I hope it inspires you to write MORE and BETTER. I'm convinced better writers make better thinkers and the world needs more of that. Honestly, if someone had sent this to me 2 years ago I would have hugged them FOREVER.